Video of police shooting a suspect outside of Las Vegas


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Below is video of police shooting a suspect outside of Las Vegas.  Below in the clip you can see the shooting & killing a suspect in traffic about 20 miles outside of Vegas (in Red Rock) just last Friday by state troopers, and he stopped to record the below clip of various state troopers shooting and killing a man who apparently climbed into one of their cars and went for a gun.

The man shot & killed in the video is D’Andre Berghardt, who had been found wandering along the side of the highway, though it’s not entirely clear what he was doing out there.   The video commentary of the two witnesses is interesting to say the least:

“It’s really interesting that they haven’t just kind of grabbed him. I guess they really want him to be compliant before they (arrest him),” says the man filming.

The other man replies, “Yeah, it doesn’t look like he’s being very erratic. They should have just grabbed him.”

At some point one officer fired “eight or nine shots” into the vehicle, killing the suspect. The LVRJ quotes the officers as saying “the officers say Berghardt grabbed for the trooper’s AR-15, which was locked in a gun rack in the car.”

Watch the video below and see for yourself, the case is currently under investigation by the FBI, more here…

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