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Tatiana Fontes hails from Florianópolis, Brazil, and she’s a beautiful model, a talented actress, and an amazing DJ as well. While LA is her “official” home, luckily for us (and for all of Las Vegas…), she’s been making regular DJ appearances at Marquee at The Cosmopolitan. With unlimited energy, she’s been working her DJ magic on the decks and driving the crowds into a frenzy every month. We wanted to chat with her prior to her appearance (this Friday August 5th!), and find out more about one of the hottest & talented DJs spinning today in Vegas….

You’re appearing at Marquee in Las Vegas this Friday night! What are you looking forward to the most?

TF: I’ve been playing in Vegas a lot. I’m there every month…Lately twice a month at Marquee, so I’m looking forward to seeing some of the familiar Vegas faces that I’ve been seeing frequently at my gigs. I love my Vegas crowd.

Are you one of those DJs who likes to plan your sets in advance, or do you like to “shoot from the hip” depending on the mood of the crowd?

TF: I like to feel the crowd. But at the same time I have a style that is becoming my own, so the set changes depending on the crowd, but I stay truthful to who I am. I try to keep it fresh, presenting new remixes and bootlegs of the new stuff and the classics. When I feel that the crowd is a little more open-minded, I like to mix in some underground stuff. I love when I can do that.

You’ve done modeling around the world, you act as well, and you DJ around the world. Is music your first love? Who were some of your favorite artists & bands growing up?

TF: Music has always been my first love. My father was a club owner back in Florianopolis, Brazil, and he just retired. I literally grew up in a DJ booth. I studied piano as a kid and I play the guitar. Music is my life. Now that my DJing career has taken off and has taken over my life, I don’t have time for modeling and acting anymore, but that’s okay with me. My favorite bands growing up are still my favorite bands today. The Cure, Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, Duran Duran, INXS, New Order, the list goes on…

Have you found the international DJ circuit to be somewhat competitive and testosterone heavy? Would you like to see more women out there in the clubs DJing?

TF: Yes, it’s a very male dominated world for sure, and that’s because (pardon my French), it takes balls to be a DJ. It’s a lot of traveling, you work nights…which takes a toll on you physically…and mentally it’s a lot of pressure too. You are responsible for the most important factor of the event, and there’s no room for error. But yes, I’d love to see more girls in the circuit. I love seeing girls kick ass on the decks.

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It ain't easy workin' the decks! - Tatiana at Mynt in Miami...

You grew up in Brazil, and now you live in LA. We have to ask, what was your first impression of Vegas? Any wild stories you can share from your first time here?

TF: My first time in Vegas was a long time ago, just as a tourist. I have many wild Vegas stories, but they stayed there – hopefully! :)

What are your plans for the rest of 2011? Do you expect to do more DJing, acting, or modeling (or all of the above?)

All my projects are related to my DJing career. I have an almost full agenda until December, including many cities in the US, and some international gigs in Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Hong Kong, Europe, etc. I’m starting some exciting business in Asia, branding my name and creative some cool DJ products. I have a lot of TV projects that will come through either this year or next, and I want to continue learning how to produce music and continue growing as an artist.

Thanks for answering our questions Tatiana!

See Tatiana Fontes THIS FRIDAY August 5th at Marquee Day Club at The Cosmopolitan. Click on the banner below for more details!

Photos of Tatiana via JazzStation and RedEyeWorld.com