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Whether she’s acting in feature films, cutting music in the studio, DJing or modeling around the world, Taryn Manning loves to take creative risks, and the results speak volumes. The actress/musician was recently in Las Vegas for a DJ set at Blush at The Wynn last weekend, and we caught up with her after the event to get the scoop on her latest single & video for Turn It Up, and find out what else she has on her plate for 2011…

You recently did a DJ set at Blush! Do you like to plan out your DJ sets in advance? Or are you one of those DJs who “shoots from the hip” depending on the mood of the crowd?

TM: I love to feel out the crowd, but I usually know what I’m getting myself into as far as the vibe I want to go for, depending on the venue and the people there. I specifically designed my set for Vegas [cause] I knew that everyone was wanting to party hard, and I wanted to get everyone dancing hard as well. It’s always fun to throw some random music into the mix that people haven’t heard on the Top 40 and see how people dig it.

You just released a sexy new video for “Turn it Up”, and it looks like you had a blast making this video – what was your inspiration behind this song & video?

TM: I LOVED making this video, I pulled some of my most favorite and talented friends together to make a super fun and sexy video. I wanted it to be a prism of my personality, a look into the different sides of me. We played in the studio, on a rooftop, in my friends house, all over LA and when it came down to it, it was about having a good time with friends and not taking myself too seriously, which I think translates. I also had the Madonna and Pharrell ‘Give it 2 me’ in mind as a throwback.

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Do you remember your VERY first trip to Vegas? What was your first impression of the town? Do any particular memories stand out?

TM: When I was 21, I went for my first time and I played the Wheel of Fortune for 25 cents and I won the jackpot for a grand – just like that! My first impressions of the city were pretty epic, it’s a place you hear so much about, so it was really fun to explore. Now it is a whole other story, I can’t spend more than a night there or I start to lose my mind in all the madness, which isn’t always a bad thing.

Where do you like to hang out in Vegas when you’re not DJing? Do you have any particular favorite clubs or restaurants you love to frequent?

TM: So many restaurants, and I always enjoy the Hard Rock as cliche as it sounds. It’s always a perfect place to run into friends and the pool is always festive and music oriented.

You’re an established actor, a talented musician & DJ, you’ve modeled all over the place, and you found time to have your own Fashion Label, and you ALSO have your own music label. You have a dancing background, and you were also the State Champion of Karate in Arizona at one point. Are we leaving anything out? Do you ever wake up and go “whoa – I need a day off!”

TM: Honestly, I sometimes surprise myself how non-stop I am but it is who I am. I feed off the hustle. It’s all about jumping into life and taking risks and once you taste that its hard to go back. Of course, I have days where I literally need to barricade myself in my house and turn off my phone so I can get some rest and hang with my dog.

We see you’re appearing in The Story of Bonnie & Clyde – any secrets you can dish on the film? What are your plans for the rest of 2011? Do you have more movies or music on the horizon? Is a tour in the works?

TM:The Story of Bonnie & Clyde is as much of a mystery to you as it is to me, its been in the works for years. As for the rest of this year, i have tons of projects in the mix. I’ll be releasing my new solo record that features my single “Turn It Up’ along with other tracks that will get people movin’. I am always playing DJ gigs and live shows left and right. I have a couple film projects I’m currently involved with, but they are mostly in the beginning stages, so I don’t want to say too much. Gotta check back in with me on the regular!

You bet we will, and thanks for answering our questions Taryn!!!

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