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Sander Van Doorn is a very busy man. If being one of the biggest international DJ’s in the world wasn’t enough, the man still has a treasure chest of DJ skills up his sleeve that he’s only just begun to tap into. Having secured past DJ residencies at Judgement Sunday in Ibiza, the Gallery in London, and with his great “Dusk Till Doorn” compilations, no club is safe from Sander’s beats. His original production work and his remixes speak volumes with critics & clubs alike, and some of the artists he has done remixes for include Robbie Rivera, Depeche Mode, Matt Darey, Randy Katana, Mode Hookers, Blank & Jones, TDR, and Armin van Buuren. Sander was in town DJing at Marquee in Las Vegas last weekend, and we emailed him some questions. He shed some light on what he looks for in his musical collaborations, and what he has coming up this year! Here is our conversation…

You’re performing at Marquee on Friday night! Do you like to plan your sets well in advance or do you prefer to DJ “in the moment”?

S: I definitely do not plan ahead. I really try to give the crowd what they want, so that means watching & interacting with them as much as possible.

You’re DJing in Guatemala, Brazil and Serbia on your current tour, and you’ve done a residency in Ibiza, where are you some of your favorite clubs to DJ? Is there somewhere you haven’t DJ’d where you’re itching to go?

S: Some of my favorite places to play festival wise are for Sensation events around the world. EDC Vegas and Ultra in Miami. I really like playing Marquee in Vegas as well. The people there really know how to party and that makes for a great set!

You’ve remixed a wide variety of artists (Depeche Mode, Mode Hookers, Arctic Monkeys), what attracts you to remix certain songs over others?

S: It depends on [whether] I think I can do something with the track to be honest. Sometimes I get asked for a remix and I just think “wow, there’s nothing I can work on this one!” And other times, there simply isn’t time for me to do it.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up? Did you have eclectic tastes or were there specific artists that you would say influenced you the most?

S: I would say that Jean Michel Jarre would be top of the list.

Where do you like to go in Las Vegas when you’re not DJing? Any restaurants or clubs you want to give a shout-out to?

S: Last week I went with my girlfriend, my publicist and agent to Lavo. It’s true what they say about their meatballs! The whole team loved ’em! The whole meal actually!

You’ve collaborated with a variety of artists such as Carol Lee and Laidback Luke on your recent Eleve11 LP. How did these collaborations come about?

S: I had heard Carol Lee sing before, she is from an indie band in Holland, so I knew I wanted to work with her. She just has something so unique about her vocals, so I think my manager just rang her up! With Luke, we’re friends and both Dutch, so it was just a matter of us being at home at the same time so we could get into the studio together.

You’re currently on tour and you have a slew of appearences coming up. Are you working on new music this year? What’s next on your plate?

Yes! I think I will do another artist album for 2012, so many songs are already produced and I’m working on new music every day. I have a new one out right now, a collaboration I did with Kele from Bloc Party called “What Did I Do”. That’s out on Doorn Records. And today in fact, my label just released a teaser of my brand new one called “Chasin’”. I think it will be a great soundtrack for Miami this year! It’s on my youtube channel for anyone that wants to hear a clip! www.youtube.com/sandervandoorntv

Great! Thanks for answering our questions Sander!

S: Thank you! See you next time in Vegas!

To find out more about Sander Van Doorn, you can follow his every move on Twitter, check out SanderVanDoorn.com, and peruse his Youtube Channel!