Banach Spaces of Continuous Functions as Dual Spaces (CMS by H. G. Dales,Jr., F.K. Dashiell,A.T.-M. Lau,D. Strauss

By H. G. Dales,Jr., F.K. Dashiell,A.T.-M. Lau,D. Strauss

book supplies a coherent account of the speculation of Banach areas and Banach
lattices, utilizing the areas C_0(K)  of constant features on a locally
compact  house okay because the major example.  The examine of C_0(K) has been
an very important sector of sensible research for plenty of years.  It provides several
new structures, a few concerning Boolean jewelry, of this space as good as many effects on the
Stonean house of Boolean rings.  The book also discusses whilst Banach areas of continuing capabilities are
dual areas and after they are bidual spaces.

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