Paul Rodriguez Brings the Laughs to Laugh Factory Opening at New Tropicana (Review)


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(Mon. June 11, 2012)

(By Dianne R. Davis)

What’s everyone at the New Tropicana laughing about? On Wednesday evening, May 23rd, the answer was the comedians at the renown Laugh Factory. Following a welcome from Jamie Masada, Founder of the Laugh Factory, Comedy headliner Paul Rodriguez brought his unique humor to a packed house of well wishers, media, and comedy fans.

Prior to the show, there was the traditional Las Vegas Red Carpet. Murray Sawchuck, semi-finalist on America’s Got Talent, was there with his trusty sidekick, Doug “Lefty” Leferovich” and lovely assistant Chloe Crawford. Murray’s comedy show is running through the summer at 7 p.m. right in the Laugh Factory. Tia Carerra represented Dancing with the Stars which is also playing at the Tropicana. Skye Dee Miles, singer extraordinaire at the Ambhar Lounge at the Tropicana arrived to cheer on the comics. Marc Savard, comic hypnotist came over from the V Theater where he performs. The guys from Thunder Down Under added to the fun as did Laura Croft and Michael “Wheels” Perise. Miss Nevada, Alana Lee, ended up as part of one of the acts and was a trouper.

If they weren’t fans of comedy before, it was clear that everyone was when the show ended. The comedians at this Grand Opening were top of the line.

George Wallace came by prior to his nightly gig at 10 p.m. At the Flamingo. I know what you’re thinking — How can I mention a difference hotel and competing performer? Simple. The generous and gracious Jamie Masada set the pace when he told the audience members that after they enjoy their visit to the Laugh Factory, they should go see Brad Garrett at his comedy club at MGM. Class, huh! This man want us to laugh.

Rodriguez won the audience over pretty quickly with his stories about the pressures of being Latino, virgins, the Middle East, bank robbers, and gambling. We’re talking headliner doing warm up? Seems to me that the Laugh Factory understands that sometimes you win by breaking the rules.

George Wallace brought his unique perspectives of the world and his particular political commentaries. Heck, he even brought free tickets to his show which passed into the audience. I be thinkin’ he’s a good guy. Even if he did comment that, “All great presidents fooled around a little bit.”

On the subject of Peta, Wallace remarked that, “You can’t treat those animals like dogs.” The man is funny. And why does he keep flying? Simple, to go through security. “I’m over 50 and I just want someone to touch me,” he told us.
We’d have been disappointed if the Momma jokes hadn’t come and they did. “You Momma so fat,” Well, if you want the endings, you’ll have to get them from George.

Dave Burley was hilarious as was Ron Pearson. Both seasoned professionals kept the laughter going strong. Burley’s good looks didn’t hurt any and Pearson’s physical humor and talents as a juggler and unicycle rider just brought more laughter.

USA Today named the Laugh Factory “the #1 comedy club in the country. Guest comedians have included Roseanne Barr, Drew Carey, Jim Carrey, Dave Chappelle, Dane Cook, Rodney Dangerfield, Ellen DeGeneres, Kathy Griffin, Andy Kaufman, Jay Leno, David Letterman, George Lopez, Bill Maher, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, Ray Romano, Bob Saget, Adam Sandler, Jerry Seinfeld, Sarah Silverman, Jon Stewart, Chris Tucker, and Robin Williams.

According to the press releases from the Laugh Factory at the New Tropicana, performers will range from ”established stand-up superstars to the young rising stars of tomorrow.” If the talent brought in continues to be as good as it was for the opening, then the Laugh Factory will be a laughing matter. I loved it.

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