Lisa Lampanelli will be at The Palms this Saturday in Vegas! (Show Preview Q&A!)


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(By Dianne R. Davis)

Comedy’s “Queen of Mean”, Lisa Lampanelli, has been described as a combination of “Don Rickles, Archie Bunker and a vial of estrogen.” Howard Stern called her “a true original.” We’ll see what Donald Trump has to say when she appears on this year’s Celebrity Apprentice. In the meantime, see what Lisa herself had to say in an exclusive interview with us!

You studied to be a teacher, and then junked that idea to do stand-up. What did you learn during your studies that helps you today?

LL: I learned that I hate children unless they’re directly related to me.

You talk about Jewish people, Catholics, people with physical challenges and eating disorders, men, women, whites and blacks. Is anything off limits to you?

LL: Nope! The only time I’ll leave something alone is if I can’t make it funny. After all, we’re paid to be comics, not to wax poetic about shit.

Who are your comic idols?

LL: Howard Stern and Don Rickles. Howard for his fearlessness and the fact that he is 100 percent truthful, and Don Rickles for his edginess and his likeability.

What is your ultimate career goal?

LL: It keeps changing. I’ll have my one-woman Broadway show up by the Fall hopefully, so then I’m sure I’ll think of other things to do. I want to be viewed as a comedic legend when I die, so I have to keep going and changing and working.

Where does your inspiration come from? Are you one of those comics who devours eight newspapers a day, or watches TV or does the lightning bolt just hit you are you are driving?

LL: I think of most funny things when I’m onstage or when I’m in the shower trying to see my feet.

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The comic that doesn't take s*%$ from anyone! Lisa Lampanelli is headin' to The Palms this weekend!!!

Is anything off limits in your routines?

LL: I told you — NO!!! Now shut the **** up about it!

What advice would you give someone who wants a career making people laugh?

LL: I would tell that person that he should probably quit now because they’re not funny enough. Even if they’re funny enough, they probably can’t handle the hard work and long hours. So, I’d probably tell them to stick with their accounting job.

Are you funny off stage?

LL: Sometimes, but hopefully not annoyingly so. Nothing’s worse than someone who’s “on” 24/7.

How do you prepare for a gig and how do you relax afterwards?

LL: I don’t have some big prep routine, or any superstitions like a Yankees first baseman or something. I just look over my notes of things that bugged me that week, get a blowout, and I get onstage ready to ramp it up. Afterwards, it’s either a nice meal, a cigar, or right to bed. I am 50, so I’m virtually no fun at all…

Do you have some favorite spots in Las Vegas?

LL: The Palms!!! Where else?

Do you have favorite charities?

LL: All my charitable efforts have been focused on the GMHC, the Gay Men’s Health Crisis in NY, an organization that helps people effected by AIDS and HIV-related diseases. I have a long history with them, and they are my chosen charity for “Celebrity Apprentice.”

What do you want your fans to know about you?

I think that’s enough. If they wanna know more, they can buy my book, “Chocolate Please,” or come see my Broadway show in the Fall! Thank you, and goodnight!

Thanks Lisa for answering our questions!

Check out Lisa Lampanelli at, follow her on Twitter, Catch Lisa at the Palms on Saturday, January 14. Showtime is 8 p.m. Tickets are $49.50 and $59.50. To purchase tickets, visit the Pearl Box Office, click here!, or call 702-944-3200, or click here for tickets as well!

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