Biblical Interpretation: An Integrated Approach

W. Randolph Tate

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Systematic explanations of providence eventually raise problems of theodicy, questions about the goodness and fairness of God given the evil and suffering in creation. Although Guan Yin is now commonly regarded as a female deity, she may still appear as a man or a woman. Despite the metaphors depicting Wisdom as mother and sister, bride and wife, Wisdom represented knowledge that refused to be domesticated for convenience or to conform to conventional thought.

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Philosophy of religion uses philosophical tools to evaluate religious claims and doctrines , source: In this, collective intelligences of various sorts are drawn upon to point towards phenomena of the spirit (Clayton, 2004, chapter 5: ‘‘Emergence and Transcendence’’). The growing interest in emergentism in many fields of human endeavor will perhaps allow a deeper appreciation of Jung’s psychological genius and a fuller reconsideration of his model of the psyche The Journal of Southern Religion -- Published Annually in Its Entirety on the World-Wide-Web; Sponsored by the Association for the Study of Southern Religion; Briane Turley, Managing Editor pdf. Either the positive or negative inner and private experience we associate with mystics is what Rudolf Otto (1917/1958) referred to as the experience of the numinous. Even the relatively frequent experience the normal worshiper has of connection with the divine during the act of worship is an example of hierophany. Experience of and with the divine does not have to be dramatic and earth shattering, it can be quiet and secure , e.g. References date back to the nineteenth century when African American women like Maria Stewart, Anna Julia Cooper and Sojourner Truth challenged the conventions and mores of their era to speak publicly against slavery and in support of black women's rights. These African American women did not refer to themselves as feminists, however, their beliefs and activism ignited a tradition of anti-racist and anti-sexist political movement and thought which now defines black American feminism Literature on the topic has proliferated in recent decades. Even as research into the past and future uses of the labyrinth continues, however, it runs the risk of remaining speculative on the question of its distant origins and almost global ubiquity

It generally includes everything about one that may be expected to receive approval, and consists, therefore, in all aspects that one considers good and acceptable. Poverty thus constitutes society’s shadow, for the poor elicit an uncanny loathing on the part of those who are not poor , cited: Carl Jung, who was quite existential in his own approach, acknowledged the inherent mutuality and crucial role of the therapeutic relationship, recognizing that ‘‘in effective therapy a change occurs in both the therapist and the patient; unless the therapist is open to change the patient will not be either’’ (cited in May: 22). In existential therapy, the human relationship between patient and therapist takes precedence over technical tricks, and, as now confirmed by research, is the primary healing factor in any psychotherapy
Salvation, however, lay in none of these but in repentance and reliance upon God. Judah was subjected to such intense pressure to join an Israelite-Aramaean coalition against Assyria that its king Ahaz (8th century bce) instead submitted to Assyria in return for relief , source: This presented a new perspective on the healing, transformation, and the evolutionary potential of the human psyche, thus challenging psychiatry’s perspective on states typically seen as psychoses. In 1991, the Grofs’ organization, the Spiritual Emergence Network, petitioned the then-in-development DSM-IV to create a new diagnostic classification that would address issues that involve religio-spiritual content, arguing that such a category would increase the accuracy of diagnostic assessments in cases where religious and/or spiritual issues are involved , source: Try: This is a great source for finding background information and overviews of a wide array of topics. How do scholars from different subject fields approach your topic? Finding different points of view can provide you with a better sense of direction ref.: One’s ‘‘throwness,’’ though, is an everyday and every moment phenomenon. Several theorists have tried to compare Heidegger’s work to other religious traditions, such as Taoism, Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, and Judaism, which is evidence to the universality Heidegger’s work could offer to such diverse life worlds, as the impulse to comparisons is predicated on qualities that may easily be deemed ‘‘spiritual,’’ in the existential way, that are embedded within both the ontological and ontic expressions of Dasein-in-the-world This typical encounter may be called the Job archetype’’ (Edinger, 1986: 11). Edinger further states: ‘‘The term ‘Self ’ is used by Jung to designate the transpersonal center and totality of the psyche
They have been shown to most likely occur at the edge of order and chaos and are seen as the site for coming into being of life, the psyche and the mind, remarkably consistent with and affirming of the mythopoetic stories referred to earlier. Emergence has been found through out nature and the human world: from the organization within clusters of subatomic Similarly Jung’s theory of compensation with the importance it stresses on the emergence of a ‘‘third’’ position as a transcendent reality that allows overcoming difficulty without attempting direct solution of problems can be seen as based on an emergentist perspective ref.: The decisive constitutional event of the new community was the covenant subscribed to by its leaders in 444, which made the Torah the law of the land. A charter granted to Ezra by the Persian king Artaxerxes I empowered the latter to enforce the Torah as the imperial law for the Jews of the province Avar-nahra (“Beyond the River”), in which the district of Judah (now reduced to a small area) was located , e.g. Good for brief overviews of the broad sociological, artistic, political (etc.) developments ignored by traditional Buddhist reference works The psychology of kundalini yoga (Notes of the Seminar given in 1932 by C Libido is depicted as something of a rapacious, greedy and visceral force fundamental to the presence of life and its complex quest to sustain itself. In the analytic psychology of Jung however, the term ‘‘libido’’ is deployed to denote a more generic psychic energy or life force that propels the personality towards individuation through the enlargement of the ‘‘self.’’ For Jung libido has a spiritual dimension which did not exist for Freud or Klein Many women have been raised with a masculine God image that may have felt patriarchal, distancing and demeaning. A God image with characteristics of both genders is part of a healthy, balanced spirituality. The preeminence of masculine God images can be dangerous and destructive to religious culture as well as our larger society , cited: Rodger brought Laing to the attention of Dr Leadership passed to the Magid of Mezritch, and then branched out into a number of schools each headed by a hasidic Rebbe emphasizing a particular style of divine service. In the second and third generations the movement was opposed by the mitnaggedim (lit. ‘‘opponents’’) who obtained the support of the famous Rabbi Elijah Gaon of Vilna, himself a kabbalist and a recluse. He thought hasidism was yet another form of an antinomian movement , e.g. There are reports of adult women who had sexual experience prior to clitoridectomy reporting no difference in sexual pleasure (Roald, 2001). The split in psychological experience is blurred because of reporting circumcision and clitoridectomy as one category (Badawi, 1989) Pittsburgh, PA: Duquesne University Press (Original work published 2002) , cited:

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