American Decades U.X.L 1900 - 1999 - Cumulative Index

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Barack Obama will be the last president of the US 5. The Chronicle Western 100 lets 20th century English-language nonfiction off the leash. Reform Judaism does not believe that the Torah was written by G-d. Some universities that attempted to put teacher education into the curriculum were unable to do so until the last decade of the nineteenth century because of hostile trustees at prestigious institutions. The administration of these territories would be supervised by the League of Nations.

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The many achievements of decolonization by the United Nations cannot be considered truly global while some peoples continue to live under colonial rule I have been in ballparks for seventeen years and have never received anything but kindness and encouragement from you fans , source: Denunciation of Wilson's attitude toward preparedness particularly his appointment of Newton D. Baker, a pacifist, as Secretary of War was not especially effec- tive after the legislation of August and September, 1916. Attacks on Wilson's dealing with Mexico and Germany were made difficult by the fact that Hughes and his campaign managers did not wish to lose the traditionally Republican German-American vote , source: Walker, History of the Sherman Law (1910). Edward Herman, Labor and the Sherman Act (1930), is a special study. For the SOCIAL PROBLEMS and misgivings to which the new urban industrialism gave rise, see, Charles H. Parkhurst, My Forty Years in New York (1923), for the memories of a militant minister; and Walter Rauschenbusch, Christianity and the Social Crisis (1907), for the observations of a minister who sought more effective measures than "vice crusading." In fact, the CIA’s official definition includes those individuals some call the “functioning illiterate.” Functioning illiterates can read, write and comprehend enough to “get by” in life. In some instances, these illiterate people are so, not only by definition, but also legally. Other groups divide the literacy capabilities into sections or levels Morgan, Legacy of Sacco and Vanzetti ( 1948); Walter Lippmann, American Inquisitors (1928); J. Chapter 12 GENERAL WORKS ON ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT. See the titles listed under economic histories under TEXTBOOKS AND SERIES

It is likely that the increased number of shared years together. For most grandparents this meant fewer childrearing Modern grandparent-grandchild interaction. Evidence from personal diaries and interviews in the 1980s and 1990s indicated that some grandparents were influential individuals in grandchildren’s lives. even though they may have lived miles apart. and the reduced numbers of grandchildren resulted in more emotionally close relationships between grandparents and their grandchildren in the latter half of the century than before. cell phones. and computer video also enhanced grandparent-grandchild contacts in the last decade of the century ref.: Still others had multiple dwellings for sleeping. for instance). members lived in separate housing but on shared acreage ref.:
Three years later, after uncovering widespread insider abuse at Texas lending institutions, federal regulators announce bail-out plans for many Texas thrifts and begin prosecution of S&L officials. Bush is elected president of the United States. Nov. 6 – Democrat Ann Richards is elected the first woman governor of Texas in her own right. April 19 – Ending a siege that began on Feb. 28, federal agents storm the compound called Mount Carmel near Waco, where cult leader David Koresh and his followers, called Branch Davidians, had reportedly been storing a large cache of assault weapons However clear as these portents seemed, the change was not achieved without difficulty, at times verging on catastrophe , e.g. Only two such families have contributed noticeably to the American vocabulary: Algonkian in the Northeast and Aztec-Tanoan in the Southwest Many people took trains to New England to witness this spectacle. A total solar eclipse crossed over the northwest United States and Canada on July 9, 1945 as the second World War was winding down Prior to the declaration of war every man who had ventured to oppose our entrance into it had been condemned as a coward or worse, and even the President had by no means been immune from these attacks download. American public opinion believed rejection the result of German pressure and Hay warned the Danes against transferring the islands to any other power. In 1915, the Navy department again urged action, less because of the islands' usefulness as a coaling or naval station than as a means of making certain that Germany did not acquire them , source:
Soon all traffic on the twenty-four railroad lines leading out of Chicago had come to a halt But this did not bring the country back to where it had been before the depression had set in; the reasons were that the population had increased by ten millions in the decade since 1929 and that the productivity of the nation's industrial plants had also improved , e.g. This chapter focuses on prescribed subject 2 and addresses the development of the Arab-Israeli conflict from 1945 to 1979. It also requires consideration of the role of outside powers in the conflict either as promoters of tension or as mediators in attempts to lessen hostilities in the region In other areas, large-scale enterprise was more efficient than small. Yet, beyond a certain point, increased size did not further either produc- tive efficiency or earnings. It was the companies with $50,000-$100,000 in assets which earned the highest rates of wartime profits; among larger 574 WORLD WAR II concerns, it was those in the middling rank which showed the best return ref.: By the close of World War I, the use of 25 kilowatt electrical output machines had spread throughout Denmark, but cheaper and larger fossil-fuel steam plants soon put the operators of these mills out of business Some authorities estimate that there are as many as 10 wounded for each person who dies in wars. Their visible, continued suffering is a continuing reminder to their fellow countrymen. It is essential that Americans learn more about this topic so that they can begin to understand the pain that others feel. Someone once observed that the Germans during WWII “chose not to know.” We cannot allow history to say this about our country ref.: Parents sometimes found it stressful to yield discipline and control of their children to other commune members. 1975. (Kanter et al. in Kanter et al. except that they might continue to live with their former partner as well as a current partner. I can no longer project myself and invest in making her my ideal. it was hard for men to give up control over resources and the right to make decisions. but we have lost a little too” (a single father. and cleaning. giving up some of that By cross-licensing agreements with General Electric, Marconi, American Telephone and Telegraph (which owned Western Electric), International Radio Tele- graph, and other concerns, RCA secured control of 2,000 patents; by 1924, such agreements gave RCA exclusive right to use and sell radio equip- ment during the life of those patents These volumes include the certificate of identity number, name, place of last residence, occupation, and vessel and date on which the person departed. Some entries indicate whether the person returned and list the date and vessel. The volumes are arranged chronologically by date of departure Nov. 2 – Texas voters approve amendments to the state constitution allowing women to serve on juries, and ending the ban on voting by members of the U. Gonzalez of San Antonio becomes the first Hispanic elected to the state Senate since 1848 when Jóse Antonio Navarro, a signer of the Texas Declaration of Independence, served , source:

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