Laura Croft dishes on ‘Night School 4 Girls’, and what really turns her on! (Exclusive Interview!)


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(By Dianne R. Davis)

Laura Croft, who was Playmate of the Month for the July 2008 issue of Playboy magazine can be seen on the highly rated Holly’s World TV show on E!. But if you’re in Vegas and if you are female, you can take a class from her! Visit Night School 4 Girls at the Excalibur and Laura or one of her specially trained crew members will teach you how to “release your inner bombshell.” This personable, unpredictable young woman graciously answered a few of our questions, here is our conversation…

Let’s start out with the obvious. What is it like doing Holly’s World? How much of it is scripted? Is your relationship with Holly, Josh and Angel what we see on TV?

LC: Doing Holly’s World is fun, and things are not like what they appear to be on TV. There were some people on that show that I would never be friends with.

Do you have a plan for your career or do you just wait and see what comes along?

LC: I have a top secret plan. YOU wait and see what happens!

With all the projects that come your way, why did you decide to lend your name and efforts to Night School 4 Girls?

LC: Night School 4 Girls came to me, and I like to party!

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Laura celebrating New Year's Eve! (Photo by Dave Proctor/

I read that you plan to become a personal physical fitness trainer. Is this true and what is your timetable?

LC: I am a certified personal trainer already. I’m becoming certified in nutrition & wellness consulting within the next 2 months.

You’ve been described as “the wild one”. Is that accurate, or hype for press purposes?

LC: I am wild – whether the press and hype is there or not…

What’s your idea of a good time? Partying til’ the Sun comes up? Curling up on the sofa? Hiking up a mountain?…

LC: A good time involves booze at a trashy bar with fun people.

What turns you on where men are concerned?

LC: I have a boyfriend and he is the only man that turns me on. But a big truck & a strong liver are good traits. Oh, and he must be in shape.

Do you have a favorite charity?

LC: and AFAN are my favorite charities.

If you had it all to do over, is there anything you would change?

LC: I would drink more and would have said more of what I really thought!

Describe your perfect man.

LC: Besides my boyfriend, Johnny Knoxville is close to perfect.

Who would you like to meet?

LC: I want to meet Popcorn Sutton, but he’s dead…

What is your ultimate goal?

LC: To be a villain on The Young & The Restless or on!

Thanks for answering our questions Laura!

To enjoy a 70 minute class at Night School 4 Girls and “take the art of seduction to the next level”, call (702) 597-7600 or visit or For more information, become a friend on or follow Night School 4 Girls on Twitter!.

Night School 4 Girls classes are offered every Friday at 2 p.m., 3:30 p.m., 5 p.m. and 6:30 p.m. Class times on Saturdays are 11 a.m., 12:30 p.m., 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. and on Sundays at 2 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. Packages start at $39.95. Laura is there when her schedule allows – check in advance!

For more on Laura Croft, check out her great website, follow her every move on Twitter, and check out her Facebook page!

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