Kathleen Dunbar has her Vegas audience in stitches! (Review!)


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(Dianne R. Davis)

Comedian Kathleen Dunbar wowed the house on January 4th as Big Al’s Comedy Club at the Orleans celebrated its reopening. The Wisconsin native, now a Vegas resident, talked about everything from her alcoholic mother’s sex talk ( It’s messy, Take a towel) to her experience bringing a younger man into her bedroom for pleasurable purposes. This quick-witted comedienne connected with everyone from young parents to menopausal women. What can you say when she talks about plucking her eyebrow hairs– from her chin! The sign on the door at Big Al’s clearly indicated that adult humor would be presented so folks were forewarned. It was adult and hilarious. Dunbar used her personal life- as a teenager, a divorce and a mother- to take the near capacity crowd on a humorous journey through many stages of her life.

Born in Milwaukee, this comic brings her Midwest background into the act. Everyone can relate to that trip back home to the family reunion. In Kathleen’s case, this means cheese and beer and her “crazy a**” family. Her story about her mother’s sex talk obviously resonated with all the women. This attractive redhead has her own stories about slot machines. She can’t tolerate the folks who win and don’t get excited. “If I won, I’d do the happy dance,” she tells us demonstrating just how it would go. Kathleen interacts with the audience, chatting with everyone from parents of young children to senior citizens. Ya gotta love a woman who calls teens “little demon pig people.”

On the subject of bikini wax, she told us that young people have a V, “I have a W!” Her shopping trip to Victoria’s Secret – you’ve got to go hear it for yourself. Kathleen was the Comedy Winner in the “2003 Las Vegas Star Search” competition. In 2005, the Entertainment Consumer’s Exchange awarded the “Excellence in Entertainment Sunrise Award”. They recognized her talent again in 2006 and 2007 with the “Favorite Comedian” award. I’m not surprised. I love Kathleen Dunbar’s sense of humor and connection with the audience. Go see her at Big Al’s Comedy Club through Saturday. Next week, you can catch her at the Sin City Comedy Show at the V Theater. Kathleen shares the stage at Big Al’s with Matt Markman and Heath Harmison.