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Josh Strickland is a man-about-town. The star of Peepshow at Planet Hollywood and Holly’s World on E! seems to be everywhere and anywhere in Las Vegas on any given night.

This past Saturday night was no different, as Strickland celebrated his birthday at Gallery at Planet Hollywood with his Peepshow co-stars and friends in tow. We were lucky enough to catch up with Josh over email a day before his bash. We wanted some background on his music, his performing, this thoughts on life, and how he gives 100% when he’s on-stage every night. Here is our conversation.

You’re celebrating your birthday this weekend at The Gallery! Let us be the first to wish you a Happy Birthday! What you looking forward to the most this weekend?

JS: I sure am! Thank you! I think it’s just being able to spend time with my friends and loved ones. Its not everyday that I just get to have a good time and just enjoy celebrating, and I’m excited to do that at Gallery.

You’ve been out in Vegas for a while now, and you’re a man-about-town at a number of high-profile events. For a guy who was originally from South Carolina, and later moved to New York, what was your very first impression of Vegas? Were you blown away? Any first-time-in-Vegas stories come to mind?

JS: I think that I was already custom to a big city, and so Vegas was just really a shock to see how 24/7 this place actually is. There are way too many stories to tell! My favorite is just people watching, that is so much fun.

You’ve been starring in Peepshow since 2009, and the songs you’re singing & performing in this show are very eclectic. Is it a blessing that you get to go out there every night and belt out all these different styles of songs?

JS: That’s what I love most. Getting to sing [very] different genres, and to feel the crowds energy, that’s what performing is all about. I love it!

Speaking of Peepshow, the physical & mental pressure of a show like this must be intense. What’s your backstage regimen before you go on?

JS: It really is stressful on any singer to have to do seven shows a week. A lot of people don’t realize it until they do Broadway just exactly how hard it is to maintain. To sing to 100% every night, it’s a muscle just like anything else, so I have to get as much sleep as possible. That’s the most important, and also, just do my vocal warm ups when i get up to warm the voice up.

Your single Report To The Floor earlier this year was a huge hit on ITunes, making it up to #5 on the Dance chart. Were you surprised by the response? For a guy who cut his teeth on Broadway, this must have been been gratifying to see your name that high up on the ITunes Dance Chart. That kind of cross-over success doesn’t happen every day!

JS: Why thank you! It actually got to # 2 and I was DYING! I was so happy with the success of my first single, and it just makes me want to make more music. I couldn’t be happier. I think it’s hilarious now though that my second single is getting over a million hits on youtube, and people think its Christina Agulerra – but its me! (lol!)

Who were some of your earliest musical influences growing up?

That would have to be all the Broadway shows, Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis Jr, Aretha Franklin, Janis Joplin, Elvis, Whitney, and the list goes on and on, and I’m still inspired by so many new artists everyday.

On Holly’s World earlier this year you recently found your biological mother. Do you feel that a private moment like this (aired in front of a million people) can help educate the masses on adoption & the life-challenges it can bring? Heavy issues like this sort of fly in the face of what many peoples’ perception of reality TV is.

JS: I think that it was an amazing opportunity to just put it out there. I got so many wonderful responses, and people really connected with my story. Its our duty , for being on television to make it relatable, and this was something deep in my heart i have always wanted to do, and share. It made me more appreciative of my life.

You recently did a great video with Holly Madison to support kids out there that might be getting harassed for being gay and/or bullied. What’s your advice for kids out there that are finding themselves with the same challenges you must have faced growing up?

JS: Just to keep your head up high, and I have been bullied since i can remember, from the way I looked , to the way I talked, and it just made me a stronger person. Yes it hurts, but I found something I love – my music, that i held on to it, and then it didn’t matter. I had my true loved ones and friends by me no matter what, so its important to know that there is always someone out there to talk to.

What’s next on your plate for 2012, and what can your fans look forward to next year? Music, acting, seeing you at Vegas events, or all of the above?

JS: ALL OF THE ABOVE! We are hoping to start filming season 3 at the beginning of the year, and of course getting into the studio and doing more music with my producers, and hopefully maybe a Grammy or two! (LOL!) Thanks so much!

Thanks Josh for answering our questions!

Check out some great pics of Josh’s bash at Gallery at Planet Hollywood:

Holly Madison & Josh Strickland have a moment! (Photo by Ethan Miller/Wireimage)

Take a bite out of that cake! (Photo by Ethan Miller/Wireimage)

The man finally has a night off to celebrate!!! (Photo by Ethan Miller/Wireimage)

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