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(April 12, 2012) INNA is a is a Romanian singer turned international superstar, who’s popularity has gone global a few times over. With over one billion views on Youtube, (yes, you read that right! – one billion views) and multiple top-charting hits in multiple countries, Inna is currently on our first-ever tour of the US in support of her great LP I Am The Club Rocker. When VegasAllNight found out the sexy singer was in town to perform as part of her first-ever US tour at Chateau this past Saturday night, we knew we had to find out the scoop behind this international singer turned phenomenon. In one of her first-ever Las Vegas exclusive interviews, without any further ado, VegasAllNight presents the amazing Inna….

You’re performing at Chateau in Las Vegas this Saturday night! How has your first tour of the US
been going so far?

It was a great show in Las Vegas, I had a great time and I am happy to say that my first tour in US is
going amazingly well and I am really excited about this. Hope next time when I’m back, I have more
opportunities to meet and party with my club rockers.

You have over 1 Billion hits on Youtube, and your international music success has been staggering.
Have you been blown away by the response to your music?

It’s incredible I got to more than 1 Billion hits on Youtube, this is something I didn’t even think of
when I first started. But I’m living my dream, these results make me work harder and I hope I will
never disappoint my fans.

Who are some of your favorite artists these days? Are there any current songs in your iPhone music rotation
that you can’t get enough of?

I like listening to music all the time, it’s an important part of my life. David Guetta is one of my
favourite artists, I enjoy Pink‘s songs, Flo-Rida, Katy Perry, Rihanna.

You’ve been doing some great tour dates all around the world – where are some of your favorite
venues that you’ve performed so far?

Each experience on stage is different for me and I have beautiful memories from my shows. The tours
I had in Mexico are really memorable because my fans there are very crazy, full of energy, very
latino! :) It’s always a pleasure to party with them.

The Club Rocker INNA in all her glory....(Photo via Inna's Official Website)

As the Club Rocker, you HAVE to enjoy some good food after you rock the club! What would you say
is your #1 favorite dish in the world?

I don’t usually eat too much. I eat to live, I don’t live to eat! :) But I like salads, salmon, pastas. And
also nachos from Mexico :)

Your track “Love” was a massive hit. We have to ask the obvious – do you believe in true love? Any
words of wisdom you can share on love?

Oh, yes, I believe in true love. I love my family, my friends, music. Love is an important part of my
life and it helps me start a new day fresh, with energy, no matter how much I have to travel, to shoot or
work in the studio.

What your plans for the rest of 2012? Where can your fans see you next?

I will have concerts in Europe, new songs coming out, new videos and…lots of surprises. So, stay tuned
and don’t let the music die, club rockers! :)

Thanks for answering our questions INNA!

For more on the amazing INNA, you can check out her official website, follow her on Twitter, and check her out on Facebook! Last but not least, remember to look for her on Youtube

Check out Inna’s latest Video for her song “WOW” on Youtube below!