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(Thurs April 11, 2013)

Okay, so you want to know how to be on Jersey Shore right? RIGHT? Well, good news, you came to the right place. The man, the myth, and the one and only DJ Pauly D is going to be at Liquid in Las Vegas this Saturday April 13th!. The man is not only a sick DJ but he’s also a super-cool guy from everyone we’ve spoken to. Zero ego and very down-to-earth. Do you know what this means? In addition to getting your drink-on and getting down to the guy’s crazy/insane beats, maybe you can talk to Pauly D in the flesh and see if he has any recommendations for getting on Jersey Shore? We both know Jersey Shore isn’t the easiest gig in the world to get. Here’s what they recommend if you’re looking to get “chosen”:

“Killer shades, awesome hair, bandanas, and bling can mean only one thing.” So if you’re tanned and a toned fist-pumper, and you love the shore, we want to hear from you!”

Okay – so if you own sunglasses, bandanas (this rounds it down to well, over 4 billion people), but if you have bling, and you’re tanned and a toned fist pumper. (That last part can be translated as: if you’re pale, goth, or haven’t been to the gym in a while, aka a lazy dude or chick, or don’t have any good looking jewelry or “bling” on your person, don’t apply or even think about it.) That’s the translation for you!

Also, it’s hard not to love this line:

“Do you dominate the gym, tear up the dance floor and rule the bedroom?”

Whoa – hold on a second, “rule the bedroom”? You mean rule the bedroom as in you tell your little brother “hey buddy, not tonight – don’t throw your sleeping bag in my corner!” Hells no! They mean rip it up with an amazing sex life and then in your free time, you’re out clubbing & tearing it up like Danny from Saturday Night Fever.

So now that’s out of the way, go check out the Jersey Shore Application here…., and if you’re wondering where to go in Las Vegas this weekend, go to Liquid at the always amazing Aria!

Pauly D knows how to DJ and the guy is super chill to say the least (at least he sure gets our vote as the guy to drink with compared to the rest of the cast), so if you DON’T DISTURB HIS DJ SET and you’re polite, who knows? Never hurts to learn from one of the masters himself. See you this weekend at Liquid at Aria!

Liquid at Aria -

Liquid at Aria –

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