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Fischerspooner (the artistic duo of  Warren Fischer and Casey Spooner) have been combining music, performance art, and dance since 1998 in venues all around the world, and they show no signs of slowing down. If their own amazing albums weren’t enough, Casey just released his first-ever solo album Adult Contemporary this past January, and he’s in Las Vegas tonight for Fischerspooner’s DJ slot at Rain at The Palms. Casey took time out of his busy schedule to answer some of our questions over email. He reveals himself to be engaging, and full of ideas. As a man who takes his artistic craft seriously, whatever you do, don’t suggest he’s dabbling! Here’s our conversation…

Fischerspooner is doing a DJ set tonight at Rain @ The Palms, which is a great club. When some people in NYC think of Vegas, they don’t realize how much is going on with Vegas nightlife. Have you been out & about in the clubs in Vegas and if so, did it change your perception of the town?

I have never really been to the clubs in Vegas. I have played shows and been to casinos, and I’ve seen shows. I am excited to see what the scene is like tonight. I know The Palms is supposed to be one of the best. I love the architecture and scale of Las Vegas. I have always dreamed of doing a big spectacular there one day.

You’ve done DJ sets all around the world, where is one of your favorite clubs to DJ?

I love Istanbul, Madrid, Berlin, Sao Paulo, Tokyo and Barcelona. District 36 is a new club in NYC that has a great sound system. I want to do more there. Razzmatazz in Barcelona is another favorite.

Your song and video for Spanish Teenager on your solo album is amazing, and sonically this song is quite a departure for you – were you surprised by the results and how has the response been so far from the Fischerspooner crowd?

Yeah. It has been fun to do something totally different. I have only done music as Fischerspooner for over a decade. I needed to break out and explore other approaches to writing. Jeff Saltzman produced the record and he really defined the sonic idea. He wanted to do something more raw and natural with me. Something almost classic. Not about trying to rewrite style, but embrace a timelessness. I wrote these songs very quickly and without a ton of discussion. In the end they are the most personal and emotional songs I have ever written.

The visual side to Fischerspooner was right there from the beginning, whether it was the elaborate stage sets & costumes or the videos. The irony is when you take away the visualization, the sonic impact can be just as strong for people. Are your DJ sets a way for you and Warren to gauge what “moves” people? Have you ever dropped a song into the mix, and then the crowd reacted in a way that was surprising?

DJ sets are a way for us to have fun and play music we like. I actually hate playing FS songs in a set as it is my time to share different material. We curate the music, and then we work with great mixers to put the set together. We treat it like another creative team making something cool. Currently we tour with Lauren Flax or Star Eyes. Next month we are going out with Ashland Mines. All great producers and DJs we like to work with. And YES we definitely test new remixes out in a set. I really like the DJing, as I feel it is a way to keep my ears fresh for new sounds, ideas and structures.

You’ve dabbled in many different artistic arenas. Has this been cathartic not only from a personal standpoint but professionally as well? It seems like you’re in a unique position to do whatever you want artistically, and a lot of artists don’t have this kind of freedom….

DABBLED?!?!? I don’t dabble. My work is very serious in other genres. I started as a visual artist and moved into performance. I have worked as an actor in experimental theatre for 20 years. I have also created many works for galleries and museums around the world. I define myself as a performer and artist first. Music is something that happened later in my career, and kind of as an accident. I see all the creative work I do falling into two categories: 1. Image, 2. Storytelling. Everything I do is either one of these things and often times both. (Acting, songwriting, visual art, etc.) It always comes down to just these two things. I think less about genre and more about ideas. I am fluid and move between the worlds of art and entertainment. Sometimes I settle in one place for a while but I like to keep shifting. It keeps me fresh. Currently I am developing a talk show. I want to do more work in film and television. I am going HOLLYWOOD.

Last question, what can we expect tonight in Vegas, and what’s next on your plate?

We are going to have fun, play great music, and dance. That’s the only thing I hate about DJing, I can’t be on the dance floor too!!! The future? We are doing a couple DJ gigs in Turkey and Moscow this month, and we’re also doing our show Between Worlds in Santiago, Chile next month. I am currently a bit preoccupied releasing Adult Contemporary. Working on the next single, remixes, music video, touring, etc…. But once that is done we will pick up on the next big Fischerspooner project. We have discussed some potential ideas.

Thanks Casey for answering our questions!!!

Album cover courtesy of Indietronixradioshow

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