Diddy Bowl at TAO!

Sean "Diddy" Combs host the evening at TAO

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(February 4, 2012) Saturday night, Diddy hosted a big game party at TAO that he dubbed “Diddy Bowl”.  Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps was also present and joined Diddy at a table on the dance floor next to the DJ booth.  Diddy wasted no time, grabbing the mic and hyping up the crowd while he jammed with DJ Eric D-Lux.  He made sure the club knew that there were two Olympic stars in the building as Apolo Ohno and Phelps partied by his side.  Shawne Merriman of the Buffalo Bills was also spotted in the group.  Not only did Diddy get club goers excited about the big game, he told everyone to get out their phones and get on Facebook and Twitter to tell everyone they were at TAO, the best club ever!

Diddy and friends party at TAO.


Photographs by: Al Powers/Powers Imagery