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Casey Spooner (born February 2, 1970) is an American artist and musician. While attending the Art Institute of Chicago, he met Warren Fischer, and the two went on to form Fischerspooner in New York in 1998. Fischerspooner went on to critical and commercial success (especially in Europe), thanks to their debut album #1 Record which was released on several record labels. The album spawned several hit singles: “Sweetness”, “Emerge”, and a great cover of Wire’s “The 15th”. After two more Fischerspooner albums that achieved critical acclaim, Spooner has submitted various works for Deitch Projects in New York City. Spooner has also contributed and worked on shows with Doorika, a performance arts collective based in Chicago and New York City. In January 2010, Spooner released his debut solo album online in 2010,
and continues to perform around the world. We did an exclusive interview with Spooner in early 2011 during his DJ appearance at Rain at The Palms which you can read below!

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