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(Mon. Dec 19,2011) Las Vegas is always a great town to party it down, and this past Friday night The Bank at The Bellagio was the place to be more then ever, because the beautiful model & actress Caroline D’Amore was in town for her DJ appearance!

In addition to being an amazing DJ behind the decks, Caroline is a super-talented designer as well. It’s not every day that talent & beauty can spread across numerous mediums with such natural ease, and Caroline’s artistic pursuits show no signs of letting up! We emailed her some questions last week shortly before her arrival in Vegas to get some background on how she first got into DJing, learn about her personal history, and what she has coming up in 2012! Here’s our conversation…

You are DJing at The Bank! When did you first get into DJing? Was it something that just happened organically?

CD: I’m thrilled to be DJing The Bank. DJing happened through my love of dancing, and being close with my idol DJ AM who inspired me to jump into it full force. I’ve been professionally DJing for 8 years now. I’d always just sit in his DJ booth and watch him control the crowd. Nothing is cooler to me than making people happy, jump up and down, and scream along to the lyrics.

What kind of music did you listen to growing up? Who would you consider to be some of your biggest musical influences?

CD: I listened to a lot of 90’s music and house music. Nirvana, No Doubt, Madonna, and I’ve been obsessed with world/house music since Bob Sinclar‘s World Hold On track. I found myself in his DJ booth one time in Canada, and I was blown away with the energy in the room. I had to be a part of it.

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Caroline behind the decks last year in Vegas! (Pic via VegasNews.com)

You’ve designed your own swimwear and you model it as well. What do you think is the biggest misconception about designing clothes? Is it much harder then it appears?

CD: If you are one of those people that just put your name on a brand, then its quite easy – I’m not that girl. I sit in the factories and with my pattern maker for hours on end perfecting each style. Its a lot of work and then some. I love it when it comes out the way I actually envisioned, and I see it on sale at stores. Its very fulfilling.

You were born & raised in LA, and then you later moved to New York City. Which city do you prefer? Are you emotionally tied more to one city vs the other?

CD: I was born and raised in LA. I’ve spent Christmas’s on the beach. NYC was just too cold and dark for me. After a while I found myself a bit down after three months of dark and cold. I love New York trips now, but I’m a Cali girl all the way.

When was the first time you went to Vegas? Any wild stories you can share?

CD: I’ve been coming to Vegas as early as I can remember with my father, [who was] quite the gambler, and now he’s opened a D’Amores Pizza at Planet Hollywood’s Miracle Mile Shops. But my first time going without a parent was when I was DJing Paris Hilton‘s record release parties. Let’s just say it was too wild to share. Had a crazy time!

You told Paper Magazine back in 07’ that acting was “absolutely” what you wanted to do with your life, have you changed your mindset at all? You seem like the kind of person that likes to tackle a bunch of different artistic mediums at once!

CD: I’m a Gemini and an artist, and it’s a crazy combo. Some say if I just stuck with one of my careers, that career would be hugely successful by now, and they are probably right, but I just can’t live that way. Life is short and I love trying everything that inspires me. It’s not about fame and glory for me, it’s about never looking back and wishing I had followed my heart.

What’s next on your plate for 2012? Do you see more modeling/music/or acting on the horizon?

CD: Next up for me in 2012 is landing my own DJ residency in Las Vegas, designing a collection for the giant website ShoeDazzle and appearing in different film and TV projects. I’m also planning my wedding right now to the love of my life Bobby Alt of Street Drum Corps, so yes 2012 is going to be a bit busy. Just the way i like it!

Thanks for answering our questions Caroline!

For more on Caroline D’Amore, you can check out her official website, follower her on Twitter, or find her on Facebook! You can also check out her amazing Swimwear designs at DAmoreSwim.com

(Amazing pic of Caroline D’Amore via Lightgroup.com!)