Bobby Slayton’s comedy is ‘slaying it’ in Vegas – so what are you waiting for?


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(by Dianne R. Davis)

If you love to laugh and have no problem with f***ing profanity than get your f***ing a** over to Hooters and catch the Pit Bull of Comedy himself, Mr. Bobby Slayton. Bobby’s take no prisoners machine gun style humor might be aimed at any audience member, so be prepared, no one is spared. This Pitt Bull will bite anyone. Nothing is sacred and there are no lines that he will not cross.

His language is punctuated with profanity. That having been said, I laugh my butt off every time I see him. Bobby will be at Hooters through April 2, so I strongly suggest that you get there to see him. I recommend a visit to the rest room first. He’s that funny!

Slayton’s show begins with video of more than a dozen comedians commenting on him. In keeping with Bobby’s persona, they bite with comments like, “Bobby who?” You’ve got Jon Lovitz, Jay Leno, Lou Black, Rita Rudner, Robin Williams, Don Rickles, Louie Anderson. It’s a great warm up. Even before he begins, you might notice a slight, fidgety figure walking, pacing, moving about the room. It’s Bobby. Finally, he’s on, and boy is he on.

Photos of Bobby Slayton by Dianne R. Davis

I don’t know how he can think as fast as he talks or keep track of where he is. Bobby’s act draws from his home life with his Asian wife and his daughter who is currently dating a man of color. Like he needs more to fuel his routines. Bobby picks on everyone in his path, doesn’t matter if you’re black, white, Jewish, gay, straight, whatever – if you are easily offended? Stay away. But for those that love good humor? Sit your a** down and get ready to laugh your a** off.

The night I saw the show, 83 year old comic Sammy Shore (father of Pauly Shore) was in the audience. Bobby remarked, “Sammy, remember when you were still alive?” I told you. No lines. You never know where Bobby will go next. It’s hard to tell if he does either, but the bottom line is he is hilarious.

If you want to laugh your f**ing a** off, get a good night’s sleep, you’ll need it to work your brain as fast as Bobby’s. In his own words, “It’s exhausting being me 24/7.” But it’s hilarious to watch him. Slayton’s show runs Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $39.95 per person and may be purchased on-line at or by calling 866-LVHoots.

Dianne R. Davis with Bobby Slayton & Sammy Shore (Photo by Burt Davis

(TOP photo of Bobby Slayton by Erik Kabik