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Blake Lewis is appearing at Blush at The Wynn tonight in Las Vegas, where he’s going to be working his DJ magic. Whether he’s showcasing his beatbox talents, or cutting his own original music, or performing covers, Blake gives everything 100%. We shot some questions over email to Blake before his DJ set tonight at Blush, to get an idea of what makes him tick as an artist and as a person. He dished on some of his influences, his first-ever wild trip to Vegas, and proves he’s just as easy-going in conversation as he is on-stage working his magic. Here’s our conversation:

You’re doing a DJ set at Blush this Saturday night! Are you one of those DJ’s who likes to mix things up on the spot, or do you go in there with a pre-set list of songs that you can’t wait to break out?

BL: I love to mix things up on the spot. I’m kind of my own hype man. Because I’ve been playing parties for so long, being the host always just worked because of my improv and beatbox skills. So now I incorporate the singing and beatboxing into all my DJ Sets.

You’re from the Pacific Northwest originally – we have to ask – what was your FIRST impression of Las Vegas? Are there any memories that stand out from your first time here?

BL: I was nineteen when I hit Vegas for the first time. We did it right. I had a gig at 10am with my a-cappella group Kickshaw at the time and as soon as we were done, we started partying. (hehehe) New York, New York, over to MGM with drinks in our hands. Puking in a trash can from drinking Captain Morgans Spiced Rum after having tequila. OUCH! Play hard, party harder… I’ll never forget my first time! I had a great first impression!

Where do you like to go in Vegas when you’re not DJing or performing?

BL: I have a couple friends that live in Vegas now, so we all usually go out and get brunch and hang. I think we might go for a helicopter ride this time. Stoked!

You strike us as an artist with eclectic tastes – you’ve covered everyone from the BeeGees, to The Zombies, to Seal, to Bon Jovi (on American Idol!). What particular artists would you say have influenced you the most?

BL: Thank you. I would have to say Electronic Dance music in general has always influenced the energy and sonic landscape in my music. BT, Hybrid, Orbital, Underworld, Future Sound Of London, DJ Dan, Donald Glaude, Kioki, Paul Van Dyke, these are all the people I fell in love with when I first got into dance music. When I was younger I grew up with great 80’s music like Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, Howard Jones, The Police, U2, The Cure… the list goes on. So a lot of my music has a nostalgic 80’s feel. I’m kind of a crooner when I sing and that comes from a jazz background. So yeah, I’m definitely eclectic in my music.

Do you like it when fans come up to you on the street – or are you one of those guys who’s camera-shy?

BL: I’ve never been a shy camera guy. I love talking to people. I’m really out going and easily approachable. I’m blessed to have some great fans, that always tell me what they are diggin’.

You released Heartbreak on Vinyl on limited-edition red vinyl. Did it give you a thrill to hear your music for the first time on vinyl? Do you notice a big sonic difference in how your music sounds on vinyl vs. on say, iTunes?

BL: You can’t even comprehend how excited I was. I’m a big vinyl enthusiast and I freaked out. Listened to my album all day like a proud parent. I can hear the sonic difference between analog and digital. The mastering is completely different on my vinyl than my cd. It’s really warm and big, where my cd master is clean and crisp. I love them both very much, but the vinyl has a special place in my heart. The album title Heartbreak On Vinyl says it all.

Where can your fans see you next, and what are your plans for the rest of 2011?

BL: I’m playing a couple shows in LA in May, and I’ll be doing a lot of appearances around the American Idol finale coming up. I’m heading over to Europe in June to help promote my new single “Till We See The Sun” which Blackhole Recordings is releasing. Really excited to go over there and play!

Thanks for answering our questions!

Love, Peace and Beats. -Blake

To see Blake Lewis tonight at Blush At The Wynn click here! Info below as well!

Check out Blake on VegasAllNight, Myspace, Twitter, and keep an eye on his new website which is launching soon!

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