Anthony Cools Experience at Paris is Hilarious Hypnotism (Review!)


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(By Dianne R. Davis)

Anthony Cools’ show at The Paris is raw, racy, sexy, and outrageously hilarious. This is comedic hypnosis at its over- the-top finest. Leave your inhibitions at the door and get ready for a side-splitting laughing time. Prudes be warned: this show is not for you.

If you are open minded and like your humor mixed with a large helping of naughtiness, then Cools is a must see. As an entertainment reporter, I am always jotting down what I see. I was so busy laughing at the antics on stage, that I took a lot less notes than usual. And this is not the first time I’ve seen it. Anthony Cools is the constant, but it’s the volunteers and their reactions that make the show unique each time. So, if you’ve seen it, I urge you to return for more hilarity.

Cools working his hypnotism (photo via

Don’t worry. If you don’t want to be hypnotized, just don’t volunteer. Cools uses a number of techniques to encourage participation. Cools tells the participants that he has “no mystical magical powers,” that in essence they will do it themselves. “Have fun and relax” he tells them. Well, I can assure you that the audience has fun. Once the volunteers are hypnotized, Cools tells us that “the more noise you make, the dirtier I get.” Boy, does he!

Remember the song, Ring of Fire? Well, one poor fellow had a burning derrière every time the song played. The only relief, he was told, was to rub that segment of his anatomy on a new section of the floor. And there’s Anthony Cools with the deliciously wicked smile of his telling us, “The s**t I do to entertain you f**kers. One lady is told that the number two does not exist. Every time she counted her fingers, there were eleven! By the end of the show, she was referred to as three breasts. Hey, its her own fault, every time she counted them it was, “one, three.”.

Then comes Cools’ signature segment: the auditions for the next great porn star. Men and women alike use a chair as their partner as they give it their all. It gets wild to say the least. But the show I saw last week was special. By Cools’ own admittance, “I’ve been doing this sh*t for 17 years and sometimes I even get freaked out.” And it wasn’t a young hot-bodied woman that caused folks to practically fall off their seats laughing and Cools to almost loose it. It was a middle aged woman on her knees. In order to do her best impression, she actually removed her false teeth and set them on the stage!

If you want to laugh your butt off, remove your inhibitions and see what happens on Anthony Cools’ stage. Cools takes the stage nightly at 9 pm, dark Mondays & Wednesdays. Tickets are priced at $53.75 (General Admission) and $75.75 (VIP Seating) plus tax and service charges. For tickets, visit the Eiffel Tower Box Office at The Paris, or call 877-374-7469. More on Anthony Cools at, and

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