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Nick van der Wall (aka Afrojack ) is a Grammy winning Dutch music producer & DJ, who needs no introduction in the club scene in Las Vegas & beyond. His award winning production work & remix collaborations with Pitbull, Beyonce, Snoop Dogg, and Eva Simmons (to name a few), have sent his sounds around the globe. He’s an artist who loves to take his mixing & music to the limit, and the man shows no signs of slowing down. We recently tracked him down to find out alittle about his background, and what really moves him as an artist. Here’s our conversation…

How and when did you first get into DJ-ing?

AJ: I started when I was about 14, just because it always felt cool remixing the end beat of one song with the beginning of another.

You won a Grammy this year for your remix of the Madonna song Revolver, I have to ask, what was your first reaction upon hearing that you won?

AJ: “Sick!!!”

What attracts you to remix certain songs? Is it the initial beat/sounds/vocals or all of the above?

AJ: Basically all of the above, I also have to see it bringing something special to the table in the dance scene.

You’ve done DJ sets all around the world, where is one of your favorite clubs to DJ?

AJ: XS, Las Vegas, most beautiful club in the world I’ve ever played in.

You’ve been doing residencies at the hottest Wynn clubs. Where are some of your favorite spots to hang out at in Las Vegas when you’re NOT working?

AJ: Actually when I’m not working I’m probably still hanging at the Encore beach, Surrender or XS. They also book some of my favorite artists (Calvin Harris, deadmau5, Steve Aoki) and they usually play around the same days [as well], also I roll with Tiesto sometimes when he’s around.

Do you have any songs rotating in your iPod that might surprise your fans?

AJ: Soho 55 – Hot Music ?
and Mark Ronson & Boy George – Somebody To Love Me

What are your plans for the rest of 2011?

AJ: Partying my ass off!

That’s what we like to hear & thanks for answering our questions Afrojack!

For more on Afrojack, click here, check out his website here, check him out on Facebook & follow him on Twitter as well!

First photo of Afrojack via MinistryofSound.com, Second photo of Afrojack at Coachella in 4/11 via Coma.lv