Absinthe is raunchy, bawdy, and fabulous. So what are you waiting for?

Oxsana The Unpronounceable - Credit Tom Donoghue

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(Review by Dianne R. Davis)

At the beginning of Absinthe, the MC known as the Gazillionaire says, “If you are offended by words like f*** or s**** you just might be at the wrong show!” That having been said, Absinthe is an imaginative combination of an adult circus, vaudeville, and burlesque, an unreal, outrageous world. I loved it! I enjoyed the most talented acrobatic and balancing acts I have ever seen, combined with raunchy sexy, bawdy, hysterical humor.

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Photo by Tom Donoghue

When you enter the well constructed Spiegeltent, a heritage wooden show tent from Europe set up in front of Caesars Palace, you will be seated on folding chairs in a tent opulently decorated with mirrors, stained glass and velvet. Sit anywhere, it’s theater in the round. But be warned. As the two person roller skating act performs on the six foot round stage, those in the front row may be concerned about being hit by a skater careening off the tiny stage platform. It’s a little scary sitting there.

Rollerskating is never easy! (Photo by Erik Kabik)

This is a hip, hedonistic world where the acrobats strip down to very little. Your host for the production is the Gazillionaire, a gold toothed almost cartoon-like character who is likely to say anything. Not almost anything, but anything you can think of, and it’s hilarious. It’s directed at everyone and anyone. His assistant, Penny, is either the most mindless creature in Las Vegas or an incredible entertainer who plays dumb better than anyone I’ve seen before. (I believe the latter!)

This show is spectacular and decadent. The talent is overwhelming, the humor is hysterical. The Gazillionaire and Penny perform a comedic acrobatic ballet – of sorts. As “Can you Feel the Love Tonight” plays, her foot gets caught in his crotch!

If that weren’t enough, Angel Porrino, Holly Madison’s BFF is now in the show as well. Angel wears very little, and tap dances with part of her scantily clad body inside a huge inflated balloon. Trust me, this is funny, and you can see how much fun Angel is having…

Angel Porrino holds her balloon (Photo by Erik Kabik)

The extraordinary acrobats include tightrope walkers, gymnasts, roller skaters, and balancing artists, all performing acts of strength and balance with a lot of tongue in cheek and often very little clothing. This show is artistry at its finest and humor at its raunchy best. If you are open minded and appreciate the best of the best, go see Absinthe, you’re in for a treat.

General admission tickets are $69 + tax, For performance times and prices for ABSINTHE, visit www.Ticketmaster.com. For more information, check out www.AbsintheVegas.com.

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